CFS–Issue #3

We are back again to the themed format for Samyukta Fiction‘s third issue. This time, the topic is “Colour” — and we urge writers to think of plots explicitly themed around a particular colour, which will then be the title of your story.

Please remember that the story must be titled by the colour only (“Blue” or “Red” or “Chartreuse” or “Fulvous”) but this is no circumscription on your imagination: the wiki page that lists names of colours offers an embarrassment of riches — so let your imagination fly! Whether it is a meditation on the nature of a colour or a May Day story or a science fantasy, the possibilities to use a particular colour to create a storyworld are truly limitless!

We only urge that the story be palpably, viscerally tied to the colour of your choice — that is, the reader must feel the colour you have in mind in your story.

Of course, your story must follow all the customary rules of submission to SF.

Enjoy the challenge, dear writers, and please send in your entries by 27 March 2022!  

“Astonishing what people will carry about with them unawares!”H. G. Wells